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A share market is an economic transactions which aggregate buyers and sellers.The stock market provides safety transaction as the person can trade privately

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Demat account is a facility that allows investors to hold shares in an electronic format. This is similar to a bank account, where you keep your money. In this case, a demat account holds the certificates of your financial instruments like shares, bonds, government securities, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). At Pure Broking, you can open both demat as well as trading accounts either independently or at the same time. This is called a two-in-one account. Pure Broking also offers a three-in-one account – demat,

Why Open an Account with Lakshay Arora?

  • Trade with us and save more than 90% on brokerage costs.
  • Open totally paperless account based on Aadhaar.
  • Manage all your investments from a Single Account.
  • Get a Mutual Fund Portfolio customised for your needs from our Auto-Investor.

What are the Types of Account that I can Open?

  • You can open an All in 1 - Investment Account. This is the right choice for you if you wish to invest in stocks directly as well as invest in mutual funds. You get a Trading + Demat Account.
  • You can open a Mutual Fund Investment Account - This is a free account to invest in just Mutual funds.

Documents Required to Open an Account?

  • PAN No.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Income Proof (for Derivatives)

Stock Broker

The term Stock Broker has been thrown around. So frequently that I'm sure most of you guys have heard it at one time or another, but what exactly is a Stock Broker? what do they do? and why do investors need them? that's what we're going to explain. We publish Intraday Tips and Stock Market tips every week. So, if you're new to in our website share this article to your Friends & family's to get Intraday Tips.

What is Stock Broker?

  • A Stock Broker is a professional who executes buy and sell orders on behalf of the clients.
  • They don't make investments on your behalf instead they just implement your Investment decisions.
  • If you want them to buy Apple at 230 dollars per Share they'll execute the buy order for you, If you want them to sell Apple automatically.
  • When it rises to 300 dollars they'll also do it for you what they don't do is they don't do the investment analysis for you.
  • All the time, It was impossible to invest in Stocks otherwise back in the old days because your Investments won't be processed that's no longer the case nowadays with the rise of the internet.
  • They have to know whispers in the Market like what different players are trying to buy and sell so they can get their clients

What is the Stock Broking Service?

  • Stock Brokers are not Investment Analysts.They don't do the analysis for you and they really just execute your decisions.
  • You have to do that on your own to determine, which Stocks to buy and if you don't know how to analyze Stocks?
  • Who wants to Invest in Stocks must go through a Human Stock Broker. Who will process or buy and sell orders for this reason?
  • Stock Brokers played an absolutely critical role in the Stock Market. That's why everyone hears the word Stock Broker.
  • The Stock Brokers profession didn't die out completely Stock Brokers still exist but instead of serving the everyday investors.
  • They really just serve the institutional investors Companies with millions and billions of dollars making much larger investments that need personalized service for these institutional clients.

Why Choose Lakshay Arora ?

  • Check out Our Stock Market Expert in Delhi, India. Lakshay Arora help' s you in How to analyze the Company's Financials Assess? Its business quality estimate a Stocks valuation and many other important concepts it used to be that anyone, .
  • They'll execute them for us but these are now processed electronically by computers.
  • They have to know whispers in the Market like what different players are trying to buy and sell so they can get their clients.
  • This profession has largely been replaced with computers the buy and sell orders submitted by everyday investors like you and I are processed electronically by computers as opposed to by humans. You can buy and sell Stocks at the click of a button on your computer without having to go through another human everyday investor pretty much won't interact with human Stock Brokers anymore.

Tips to avoid loss in stock market

Everyone wants to invest in the stock market and make a profit, but due to lack of proper knowledge about the rules and precautions to invest in it, most either do not invest or invest for a short period of time. The stock market is a very good place for investors to make a profit, but if some precautions are taken while investing, it can be very beneficial while keeping the risk of loss. Some beneficial tips for small investors to invest in shares are:

Investing in the long term is more beneficial

Many small investors get very nervous when investing in the stock market. They risk drowning in market volatility. In such a situation, they often spend money for a very short period of time. Many small investors invest money in the morning and sell in the evening. this is wrong. This is the biggest obstacle for you to earn big profits. Most small investors buy shares in the morning and sell it by taking advantage of its increased price by evening. In this way you can definitely make a small profit on your investment, but for a big profit you will have to prolong the duration of the investment.

Mr. Gupta bought 10,000 shares of Infosys and Wipro on Monday morning. By evening, the stock was sold with a profit of 4 thousand, priced at close to 14 thousand. On the second day, he bought the shares of that 14 thousand and sold it in the evening for 20 thousand. Similarly, Mr. Gupta was happy with his share gains. They were making even more profit by applying the gains received in the stock. Similarly, in 7 days, he made a sum of 10 thousand to one lakh, which was put back into stock for more profit. Suddenly on Saturday evening, he was shocked, his capital sunk 1 lakh. Mr. Gupta used to buy shares worth less than his increased amount every morning and in the evening whatever profit he received, he could buy it as profit, then sell it and buy more shares of other lesser value. . . . . But on that day, his math turned upside down. In fact, Mr. Gupta should have held his stock for a longer period. If they had done so, their share price would have increased with the rising stock prices of the company. Even if the share price fell for some time in between, they would have risen after some time. In this way, by investing for a long time, they also avoid day-to-day mental exercise and do not get into this problem today.

Apply the same money for which you do not work long term

It is often seen that investors put the used amount into the stock for their necessary expenses. In such a situation, they can neither keep it for long, nor can they take damage in it. Investing in shares is a very dangerous deal for such investors. If there is a profit, it is okay, but the loss situation proves to be mental and financial turmoil for them. Therefore, investors should never invest the required amount. You can invest in the market without worrying about profit and loss. If you have any problem then you can contact Our Stock Market Expert (Mr. Lakshay Arora).

Don't worry, business is not a gamble

Many small investors consider the stock to be a game of turmoil, while the stock calls for the exact opposite strategy. An investor should know what the position of the company you are buying is in the stock market, for some time, what is the situation in the stock market. Seeing low prices such as buying a gambling game and expecting profit from it can give you some benefit for a while. But due to market ignorance and lack of information, it may not succeed in the long run. This will result in loss of share investment. Therefore, before ever buying shares, the company whose shares are going to buy should study the position of its current and previous shares in the market.

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Since 5 years I am trading in shares which lakshay consultant is advising and i had earned lots of money from shares
Lakshay consultancy provides full detailed analysis of the market condition. This helps me to get the idea for earning profits. I would congratulate him for all his dignified successful years of accomplishment & wish him continued growth & success, always..
Well, I would happily endorse Lakshay Arora for not just being a highly knowledgeable Financial Advisor & Investment Consultant but also for genuinely holding an expertise in Market Research & Analysis. His in-depth study on Market Fundamentals, Risk & Portfolio Management along with Well Organised Systematic Investment Advise is such that any investor would definitely witness a net growth in their Returns on Investment.



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